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Are you ready to discover your Wild Soul?

Welcome to CHOOSE YOU! RēL Woman Circles. A virtual gathering place to support the modern woman wherever she is on her journey. There are no prerequisites to attend this virtual circle. Just an open mind and an open heart. Welcome beautiful!









You Are Unique.

With all of your life experiences and innate abilities, you are one of a kind.  When you discover these unique parts of you, embrace them . . . you can live them.  Knowing this is valuable. Learning how to utilize it is how we make our unique impact. 

 There is something uniquely special about you.  If you are not clear on this, then you may be spinning your wheels and exhausted.  

You are not doing it wrong.  You just are not clear on how to do it better.  

Can you imagine . . . 

having time and space in your day.

having the energy to do the important things.

being clear on how you can make a difference.  Your purpose.

feel like you have control over your happiness.  Feeling good.

feel loved, respected, and adored.

trusting yourself in your decisions and choices.

feeling at home in your body.  Strong and clear and beautiful.

to have life be easier.  

knowing what is most important and how to prioritize.

having the ability to take clear and focused action.

feeling safe to fully be yourself. 

I know you are tired. I know you work hard and are often frustrated and overwhelmed. I know you want to feel you have a purpose, a calling - that your efforts are making an impact.  And yet sometimes just getting through the day is hard.

Within you is a Wild Soul.

A place where your desires and dreams actually pull you forward.   Into the future.  With strong and clear direction.  Direction that is in alignment with your heart.  And your energy rises to meet you there.  

The intention of this virtual gathering is to connect inward.  To listen to your wisdom and cultivate a unique practice of “Radical Self-Care” wherein we bring deep awareness and open minds and hearts to our whole life (relationships, health and work).

 When you know who you uniquely are, life starts working with you . . . for you. 


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Feeling Lost? 

Wondering just how to find yourself and your center within a world of constant change?  CHOOSE YOU! is a monthly membership to support you in learning skills of Radical Self-Care.  Skills that will allow you to navigate life with grace and confidence.   

This is time just for you.

When you commit to taking time for yourself the forces that be will rise to support you.  During our time and without judgement or expectation, explore what is working for you in your life and what you are ready to shift.  We pause collectively to strengthen our connection to our own desires, the inner whispers of wisdom, the language of our body, and our own vitality.

We meet 2x a month virtually . . .

Using Zoom technology on or around the New Moon and Full Moon of each month.  Using the Moon cycles is an innate and ancient connection to our feminine. Supporting the alignment of our mind, body and soul.

Bringing to our modern life the ancient and innate relationship we have with nature. Through my signature blend of mindset, neuroscience, ancient wisdom,  guided meditation, and journaling, we will release the old . . . opening up more space for your creativity and life to flourish. 

I invite you to give yourself this gift of time,

and loving attention to

Nurture Your Wild Soul


$60 a month.  

You can end your membership at any time.  

No questions asked.   


yes. Yes. YES!

Yes! I Choose Me

For something to change . . . we must be willing to experience something new.

We Learn to Create Space

As we gather, it creates a space.  A sacred space that allows us to connect heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul, to be met, seen and heard for the powerful and sacred women that we are.

One thing is for sure. When women gather you can just guarantee that friendship will prevail. We are not newcomers to life. We have met our challenges and have scars to show for it . . . scars on the inside and the outside. We are resourceful, courageous and willing to go the distance in support of those we love.

AND, now it is our time to show-up for ourselves. In honor of those we love & in sacred honor of those parts of us ready to be . . . [Rē] Discovered. 

We Practice RēL TALK

"Deep roots are not reached by the frost" J.R.R. Tolkien

Regardless of the challenges you have experienced, and I know there may have been many, there is a place deep inside that still holds connection to a bigger part of you.

In order to reach that connection deep honesty with yourself and others is required. This is a space to talk about real shit that is going on in our lives. Circling together is a dynamic process, each meeting has a different rhythm and tone.


When we are honest with ourselves and others, we are able to connect at a level within ourselves where real solutions to the challenges and obstacles we inevitably face are more easily discovered.


And so . . . she decided to start living the life she deserved.

Hello Beautiful!

I'm Marianne MacKenzie.  I am the founder of the Radically Engaged Lifestyle ( RēL ) ACADEMY and Master Coach and Teacher.  An 11 LifePath, Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon, Leo Rising with a Venus in Aries (yeah baby!)  If none of this makes sense to you, just know that I'm a practical coach and teacher who sees possibility in life.  It is such a pleasure to have you here. 

I have dreamed of creating a space to honor the whole brilliant woman on her journey to [Re]discover her best self.  A community where she knows she is not alone.  A place where she is surrounded by other women who support and champion her

This dream I'm sure has been cultivated out of the challenges and obstacles that I have experienced on my journey.  Obstacles that temporarily stopped me and brought me to my knees, limitations that infuriated me and experiences that not only broke my heart, but shattered my entire identity.  These were very dark and confusing times when I felt incredibly alone.  Something inside kept urging me forward into the unknown fog of those moments.  Let's just refer to that urging as my Calling.  You have one too.

Along this journey I needed other women who had been through the challenges I was facing.  I needed to have tools to help me know when my mind was playing tricks or others were advising me incorrectly.  I needed someone to help me align my heart and head.  To trust my body's wisdom and take me by the hand to guide me.  I desired other women who were also courageous enough to explore the depths of themselves.  

I didn't have this guide in a person or a place.  Rather I found little bits here and there and wove these parts together to create what I now call RēL Academy.  Now I know that I had to go through this.  To experience these challenges for myself -  so I could create this for you.  ❣️

In a Nutshell . . .

This membership is an opportunity to gather with other like-minded women.  Women who are curious because they feel there is more to discover about themselves.  Women who are living this messy chaotic life and seeking to expand to what they know is possible. 

I want to extend a personal invitation to join us.   You just need to show-up for yourself.  I will guide you through learning about interesting ways of  nurturing our nervous systems, activating our intuition and connecting to the natural cycles of the Moon.  We will spend time "being" and nurturing our inner world.  Through our time together you will discover more about your unique individuality, as well as what commonalities we share as women.  

A private online portal gives you access to downloads, guided meditations and further support and learning.  If you can't make a gathering - you will have access to the recording.   

Join Us.

I invite you to  take Radical Self-Care in how you show-up in your life.   


$60 a month.  

You can end your membership at any time.  

No questions asked.   


yes. Yes. YES!

Yes! I Choose ME

At Some Point in Your Life . . . 

Hey, I know doing this for yourself can feel like a luxury item right now.  I get it.  

I really do.  Until I learned this (unfortunately) difficult lesson in life I kept repeating the same scenario over and over.  

Until I learned to put the investment (time and $) into my personal learning and education . . . my continued growth and development  . . . into my Well-Being,  I ended up with a gut full of self-resentment and heart feeling like nobody else felt I was worthy of the investment.  

Nobody Can Do This For You.

If I could go back and tell my younger self to just do it!  To just wait on those new shoes. To just let the kids set out a soccer season (I mean they were really never going to want to play the sport longterm anyway).  To just send a card instead of trying to figure out the "perfect gift" to show I love them. 

I would tell myself to just do it for myself.  Just because I wanted to . . . there was a desire burning in me that was without words - and I didn't have to justify or explain to another person (who maybe doesn't care about learning and growing like I do) that I WAS WORTH IT!  What I was being called to was worth it!


" I would tell my younger self that I was worth the investment! 

I would not have wasted so much of my precious life waiting for permission. "  


Had I known the ROI - the actual tangible return on my investment . . . I would have just done it and not wasted precious time in my life to learn these things.  I WANT TO SEE YOU THRIVE SISTER!  There is nothing more rewarding for the teacher in me than to see a heart open, a mind understand and energy open to receive the love and support that is available to us all. 

I know LIFE IS DIFFICULT!  I also know that it doesn't have to be this hard.  Nobody can learn this for you.  Nobody can #doyourwork.  I am here for you.  My life's purpose is to champion you, teach you and help you see just how amazing your life can be.  Just how amazing YOU are. 

 I see you!

Say yes.  You are worth it.  YES!

Yes! I'm choosing me.





Stay Curious My Friend ❣️


We understand there are times when you just need more than a hug.



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