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MARIANNE MACKENZIE is an expert  Coach for heart-centered leaders, influencers and high achievers to expand their happiness and success. She is known as your Strategic-Advantage, Change Agent, Muse, a Catalyst, your Secret Weapon or simply as your friend and teacher.  She will change your life if you let her - and help you understand how you can utilize your most powerful resources to engage more, work smarter, connect deeper, live happier and make a great contribution. 








"Marianne is highly intuitive, insightful and empowering. As a result of her methods, I was able to gain new insight into my personal approach and make slight shifts that had massive results"

Dr. Lorry B.

"Resources and Abundance: life is flowing once again, my practice has doubled and my income has increased significantly, allowing a little more space to live free."

Deirdre E.

"I have become more honest about my business, clearer in the vision of who I am becoming in the world and more open to possibility"

Danielle H.
Chief Executive Officer

"Marianne is an amazingly gifted coach. It has been my pleasure and honor to work with her many times. Her insights are clarifications for the soul. Anyone working with Marianne would be blessed and find their lives better for the process she brings to them."

Terah S.
Executive Coach, Author, Speaker, Trainer/Facilitator

"Every once in a while if you are lucky, you meet someone that leaves an indelible mark for the rest of your life. Marianne has guided me through some of life’s obstacles in a way that I could understand. Her knowledge, honesty and encouragement have been an inspiration and I feel blessed to have her in my life."

Noni S.
IT Ops Analyst

"Marianne is a talented professional who shares her effervescence with her clients and sparks new knowledge and understanding. She provided a lot of information and explained it thoroughly. I referred to it often and still do. I would recommend her if you want guidance from an expanded, creative wholistic perspective."

Ava W.
Collaborative Leadership Project Manager

"I feel fierce! Marianne looked me in the eye and told me I’m fierce. She could see something in me that I have not recognized. It activated something that I have not allowed myself to be. I have focused on feeling peaceful and feeling fierce gives me a deep sense of freedom. It is my first time working with Marianne and I was worried I would be behind the others at the Retreat. Marianne teaches really challenging concepts in such an easy way. As soon as I met her, I felt like I already knew her and know that she will continue to be a part of my life - that makes me happy. "

Stephanie K.
Owner Escape Wellness Spa & Massage Therapist

"This is my 3rd event that I have attended of Marianne’s. I have totally experienced quantum leaps every time I have done work with Marianne. What brought me to the retreat is that I feel like Mario where the foundation is falling out from under me. [The RēL WOMAN Retreat] is allowing me to get back to what I feel my mission is - to write. Coming to the retreat is my opportunity to get back in touch with that and to become Radically Engaged with myself. "

Tammy J.
Author, mother, cancer survivor, RēL Woman!

"I arrived at the retreat [RēL WOMAN Retreat] feeling really unfocused and didn’t know where to start caring about where I was and what I needed to do next. I was angry about not being able to figure out what to do. The minute I saw Marianne I teared up and realized this is exactly where I need to be. During the last 24 hours I now am smiling genuinely and feel like I now know that I have something to do. I was lacking that focus when I got here and when I get home I am clear. I know what I need to do. Realizing everyone else is here to learn and grow, instantly made it comfortable. Being in retreat with Marianne - there is nothing more safe. There is something very different and open about being in a space where everybody is focused on helping themselves. "

Leigh N.
Owner and Exotic Skin Designer

"More awareness of the energy of the universe and how to work to achieve my goals. Ongoing calmness to my being – always thinking “WWMMD” What Would Marianne MacKenzie Do! Perspective to reach outside of my box to see meaning, viewpoints and experiences never believed to be possible before."

Eric S.
Director of Logistics and Quality Control

"Her {Marianne's} brilliance has helped me realign my thought processes and focus on the true issues and barriers all of us have, whether seen or unseen. She has helped me build stronger relationships with co-workers and friends alike; all the while helping me grow as a business professional and person."

Luke V.
Vice President

"Marianne has an incredible ability to cut through all of the noise to find the core issues and helped me find the right perspective to address the issues."

Matt B.
CEO / Owner

"NOW - Business is growing, relationships are flourishing, my passion is on fire, and I am in a very good place. I have learned that I am much more creative than I ever thought I was. I used to say “well writing isn’t my thing or I don’t really speak well in front of others”…well that was my racket. Now I know that when these thoughts pop into my head, I can acknowledge them, but then immediately change the conversation. Release it and move on. I DO write well and I am kicking ass when speaking in front of groups! I have learned that my energy is on 1000 most of the time, and that’s ok!! I operate on a different vibrational level than most, but I am no longer afraid of that or what it may mean. I embrace it. I always felt like I “just knew” things, but had no idea why…Now I get it. HUGE for me!!! I am also learning how to cut others and myself some slack. I have super high expectations for myself which in turn makes me expect things from others on the same level. I am learning to allow things to happen as they should. "

Valerie S.
Managing Director, Partner & Co-Creator


You need a method and RēL tools to understand how you can utilize your greatest assets . . . your BRAIN, ENERGY & TIME.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Marianne for about a year now and the experience has been nothing short of life changing. Marianne is guiding me and empowering me to understand my energy, my creativity, and the fact that I am fiercely strong & absolutely fragile. (AMAZING!!) One thing that Marianne is really helping me through is connecting with my feminine energy -- which is HUGE for me. I am finally embracing how to be flexible and free. I am gradually learning how to connect to the bigger picture, and it feels wonderful. Simply being on the phone with Marianne can transform my attitude and day! I strongly believe that anyone who is trying to get a deeper understanding of self or looking to connect to others on an emotional level would benefit from working with Marianne. I highly recommend her! "

Valerie S.
Managing Director, Partner & Co-Creator

"Marianne gave me permission to be “too much,” and helped me realize the power in my plenty. In fact, “muchness” was my greatest ally—the driving force that led me to my biggest opportunities and my greatest successes. NOw I couldn’t be better. Business is booming, clients are happy, and I am building my dream team of colleagues. Toxic relationships naturally fell away as I gave my “dark side” more space to breathe and express itself. I feel like I’m in partnership and co-creation with everyone in my life right now—like my purpose is colliding with the purposes of others in the most beautiful of ways. Each time I leave Marianne’s sessions, I feel more empowered to step into the role I’ve already carved out for myself. I feel ready to give my gift to the world."

Julia T.

"You {Marianne} helped me see the world differently. {Marianne} helped me dissect why I held certain beliefs about myself. I realized that my thoughts have great power, to listen to my gut, follow my heart and simplify my life to include only those things that bring me joy."

Rachel F.

"Marianne has helped me see so many things in myself that I may have known were there but was afraid to see. Working with her has been amazing for my career and personal life. She has helped me to see that I do so much for others and that it is okay for me to take time to do something for myself. I’m worth it! Marianne takes the fear of being around total strangers and makes me feel safe and embraced. Connection and openness are things I have learned through my experiences with Marianne’s RēL WOMAN Retreat. I have made life-long friends here. I’m just so grateful "

Kelle S.
Life & Leadership Coach | Integrated Marketing & Communications Leader | Financial Services

"Who knew that someone in a VP position lacked so much confidence? Marianne radically changed the way I organize my day, how I take responsibility, and how I interact with others. Working with Marianne helped me in all facets of my life from my home environment, to my personal relationships, allowing me to experience a higher quality of life both professionally and personally. Highly recommend her as you’ll never feel more confident and more engaged. "

Alisha H.
Vice President National Accounts

"Marianne is a gifted coach with a special ability to connect with others beyond words, listen deeply and offer tremendous insights, questions and challenges to guide you in the direction of your own intuition. I participated in a group coaching program facilitated by marianne, and it was one of the most amazing personal experiences of my lifetime. Working with Marianne is like having a window into your soul, gaining a deeper sense of self-awareness and an open door of possibilities. I always learn more about myself and others when in the presence of Marianne and would highly recommend working with her in any capacity."

Tonja E.
Leadership & Talent Development Leader

"Marianne is a warm and wonderful person who has this instant capacity to open herself to her clients. She made me feel comfortable right away which is critical with this type of relationship. Our time together helped me shed a lifelong challenge I have had with self-doubt and a glass-half-full mentality. My life is much richer and fulfilled because of her coaching! I would encourage anyone that needs to seek their inner strength to be a better person to spend time with Marianne."

Kari R.
Sales Operations Leader

"Marianne is incredible. My sessions with her were invaluable. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking another level of truth about their lives."

Elaine S.
Owner and Therapist, Counseling Supervisor

"MARIANNE has help me to look at life/work in a different light. It is often hard to get a truly unbiased opinion on your attitude, outlook, and goals in life. She has help me to become more specific, adjust, and act accordingly in each of those three areas. For example, I had a personal issue that was causing me stress in all aspects of my life. By addressing the true root of that personal issue ( not the surface level issue ), I was able to have a conversation about why I truly felt the way I did about it. It allowed me to resolve the issue, move past it, and to have a better more positive attitude in my work and personal life. I would recommend Marianne if you want to connect YOUR meaning in life with what you do on a daily basis. She has help me to connect what I want in life, with what I do, and some action steps on how to get there! If you’re looking for unbiased, experienced coaching, then I would explore the option of speaking with Marianne."

Michael M.
CFP, Senior Vice President

"Marianne coaches the soul to deliver business results. I haven’t met another coach that can speak to a person’s spirit and help that person deliver results like she does. I appreciate that when she coaches me she speaks both to the business needs and the internal personal need.. I recommend her highly for business leaders looking to not only build their bottom line but evolve their inner selves.”"

Kevin K.
Founder and CEO Global Tech Company

"Whew, if anyone else I know, has the ability to bring such an expert in sight, clarity, and vision to a business than Marianne does. She hones right into the areas that need the most work, that demand more awareness and focus. Some claim to offer “game changing” knowledge. Period. She does, Period."

Bill O.
Senior Vice President

"Marianne is one of the most talented individuals I have had the pleasure to know and work with in my 30 years in management. Her strategic ability is a natural talent, a skill that cannot be taught. It is her distinct way of thinking, a special perspective that allows her to see patterns where others only see complexity. She is one of if not the best creative problem solvers as I know, able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena. She has the gift for helping people and organizations to discover what is that their core and how to unleash their potential for the common good. Her knack to evaluate accurately the potential obstacles is like a kilo of a ship, withstanding many different pressures and keeps individuals, teams and projects on course. No matter what the situation, she seems to know what the right situation is. Marianne is a natural problem solver. Whereas some are dismayed when they encounter yet another breakdown, she is energized by it. Being inquisitive her world is exciting and her enthusiasm contagious, precisely because of the infinite variety and complexity that each new project inspires. I have admired how absorbent her mind is finding the unique and positive attributes in each person, she can quickly snap-on to their strengths and weaknesses and position them for success and growth. MARIANNEs core is the talent and strength of “individualization“ –assisting people and helping them to discover what they have in common. She enjoys working and studying with people whose backgrounds, cultures, talents or experiences are quite different and can quickly identify how each individual can contribute to their own growth and development of a group. "

Walter P.
Christian Entrepreneur - Consultant - Adjunct Professor


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