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Things Are a-Changing

Jun 11, 2020

We all know the world around us is shifting and working through challenges that require change.  Change can be really challenging. It’s actually one of our basic human needs as identified in Positive Psychology models.  We literally need change to add that interest, spice, mystery and a dash of risk to our life.  It can often make us feel refreshed, more interested and ALIVE!  When uncertainty (change) is high, we are naturally in situations that cause us to grow.  High uncertainty high growth.   

We also know that growth doesn't always feel great.  It is uncomfortable! However, we all have different limits on just how much change (discomfort) we can handle without losing our sense of stability (a.k.a. losing our sh*t)!   

We’ve all been there.  When it is just TOO MUCH to handle that there is even one more moving piece out of our control. Through life, as we juggle more and more - our resilience stretches.  As our resilience stretches we build muscles that are better able to handle change so we can handle more and more change WITHOUT losing it.   

The opposite can happen too.  If we AVOID change (think of opportunities turned down, not moving or taking a new job, not accepting the additional responsibility, saying no to a social invitation or buying that new home, not choosing to start or end a relationship) -- you will grow to FEAR change.   

Life is all about the choice to ride the waves of change. We become skilled by failing and getting back up. As a coach, I guide others through changes and challenges every day. They are a normal and natural part of life. Sometimes change can feel positive and other times it can rock our world in unexpected and ugly ways.   

Many people have a very high threshold when it comes to uncertainty.  They can manage massive amounts of change, while still being highly functional and keeping their personal and business life together, but everyone has their limits. 

When hitting your limit of change, your beautiful brain kicks into a different gear and can make you think that you are weak, incapable, or that the task at hand is impossible. So, how can you accept and move through life when massive change is facing you? Here are the most important things to stay centered when it feels like everything is moving around you.   

Find Your Foundation 

We all have basic needs that keep us comfortable and feeling safe.  Get back to basics and write down just what are the basic things you need to feel your feet are firmly on the ground so you are better able to manage unexpected change coming your way.  When you know what yours are you can validate you are getting these needs met.  Often you will find you are not and it is throwing your ability to manage change. 

Feel Good 

Your state-of-Being, the way you feel will often be the first clue that you are out of balance.  You can not fix your situation coming from stress, fear, frustration etc.  Your decisions will increase the chaos if you are not in a good state-of-Being.  What makes you feel good?  Do one of those things to shift your energy.  The way you feel.   

Get it Out of Your Head 

When change occurs or you are needing to make a change, there are usually many decisions to be made.  We can't control events outside of ourselves or other people.  We CAN control how we respond and choices we make based on changes that happen.   

Making a list of all the decisions that need to be made are a great way of clearing out the brain fog and overwhelm that often accompanies change.  Do this.  Write down these questions and quickly answer them.  You will free up major brain space making you feel better.  From that space you can choose how you respond.  What actions you takeWhat decisions need to be made? What are the obstacles (time, money, unknown, others)? 

Take Action  

When you can see all the decisions and potential obstacles you can start crafting a plan to address each one.  You move into the power seat of engaging in the direction the situation will go. What decisions can you make now?  Make those decisions.  Make a decision and move forward.  Sometimes the decision is that you need to get someone else feedback. Do that. Take action.   

I encourage you to ride the waves of life and when you fail . . . get back up and try again.  

That’s it for today’s #ReLTalk. 


P.S. - what anyone else thinks about you and your behavior is none of their business. What you think of yourself is!  Be gentle with yourself as the web of confusion is lifted and you become even clearer on how to get what you want for your life. It will require you to know and practice the things I teach on this blog but you can do it! You’ve got this and I’ve got you! 




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