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Dec 11, 2019


I have a confession - I just binged on Netflix.  Breaking Bad finally made it into my world and I love/hated it. Who here remembers when Netflix was a little red envelope with a DVD in it that came in the mail?? Sheeezz! I’m so grateful for the convenience of technology.

BUT all of this technology convenience has actually made it really easy to lose our personal freedom. In today’s modern world there are so many ways we can NUMB ourselves from experiencing the natural progression of self-awareness. In fact, most people go through their entire life as total strangers to themselves. 

As we live the sacred journey of our life, WHO WE REALLY ARE unfolds and reveals itself to us. We become self-aware. This happens when we’re connected and tuned into the vibrations within us.

Unfortunately, technology tends to keep us connected to everything other than our authentic selves - creating a regular state of numbing-out (aka self-imprisonment). We seek numbing experiences because life is hard, and hard is uncomfortable to feel.  As humans, we don’t like it when we are not comfortable.

So rather than feel the uncomfortable feeling of overwhelm from say, a project that’s approaching a deadline, or a relationship that’s less than happy...we call our bestie on the drive home and relive all of the workday drama (numbing) and then when we get home, we grab a glass of wine, cocktail or bag of chips (more numbing). 

Unless we’re conscious of the way we numb ourselves on a daily basis, we end up using technology to numb ourselves even more. We check Facebook and Instagram and scroll, scroll, scroll or we come in from work and head for the sofa to watch Netflix until dinner is ready or even until it’s time to go to bed. We do this to avoid connecting to our authentic selves. We become disconnected from who we really are and what we want in life. Our minds are not connected to our bodies or souls because we’re regularly numbed-out.

Before you stop reading because that feels a little too personal, please know this - what I or anyone else thinks about you and your behavior is none of our business. What you think of yourself is all that matters!

You don't have to be one of the people like the ones mentioned above. Your life is too precious. Your MIND, your ENERGY and your TIME are too darn amazing to waste! You can achieve the FREEDOM that comes from self-awareness and connecting with your authentic self and the great news is, technology can be used as a tool to freedom – you just have to be intentional with how you use it. Don’t let technology be another way you numb yourself from achieving your dreams. Go out and harness your freedom!

That’s it for today’s #ReLTalk.

P.S. - what anyone else thinks about you and your behavior is none of their business. What you think of yourself is!  Be gentle with yourself as the web of confusion is lifted and you become even clearer on how to get what you want for your life. It will require you to know and practice the things I teach on this blog but you can do it! You’ve got this and I’ve got you!




Consider hiring me to create a workshop or custom coaching engagement to help your team, leadership team connect to their unique best self.  The outcome is discovering their confidence, energy, and focus.  After two decades of working in the corporate arena, I still find most of us do not know how to structure a lifestyle that supports our goals and dreams.  To reach those we must learn to be our best.  Bring our best work and attitude.  We have to take personal responsibility for who we are and how we choose to show up in life both business and personal.  Inspiring others to connect to this part of themselves and turn it into action is my magic.  I’d love to discuss how I can support your LEADERS.  Learn more here.


Could you use time and space to focus on yourself?  How about accountability to follow through on that desire? The CHOOSE YOU! Virtual women’s circle is created for just this purpose.  The desire to take better care of the inner self was present in my life, however everything else seemed to take priority until I discovered the practices that I share through CHOOSE YOU!  We meet 2x a month in the evening.  Want to join us?  Email [email protected] with the subject: “Tell Me More! Choose You group” and I’ll reach out to let you know when our next gathering is scheduled.  Learn More


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