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Fierce and Feminine

Mar 11, 2020

Think you must trade in your beautiful Femininity in order to experience your Fierce?  Today’s professional woman is faced with interesting opportunities to discover how to bring even more femininity into the workplace.  It isn’t about changing the workplace; it’s about bringing your best-self into whatever space you enter.  Let’s face it, most of our best energy is shared through our work.  Why not bring the beautifully divine part of us into that space as well?   


Several years ago, one of my clients requested that I join his team as an Executive Vice President.  My response surprised even me (and certainly surprised him).  I said “NO!” so strongly that we both stepped back.  After working decades within the structured environment of a fast paced, high-tech company, I desired to create a greater flow in my own business that would allow me to honor a more feminine approach to my work, which to me meant marching to my own drum a bit more freely and becoming an entrepreneur.  This didn’t seem to align with what he was asking. 


What I didn’t realize was how this opportunity was not going to go away. My answer haunted me.  I wondered why I was so against going back into the corporate environment.  I had done some of the best work of my life in that environment, created amazing relationships and would like to think I had added immense value.  The bottom line was that I was facing a FEAR.  The fear of losing myself again and getting sucked into the workaholic tendencies that had plagued me my whole life.   


With the support of my coach (yes! even coaches do better with a coach), I made a decision to do what I learned would become one of my best Power Tools: I ran directly toward what I was afraid of.  This time I entered the opportunity in the driver’s seat.  With the help of my coach, I stopped to create a strategy that would support a working environment that would honor the way I had learned I worked best.  I negotiated the wage I desired, the responsibility level I desired, the title, the hours, the flexibility, the team, and even the office with the big window that I desired.     


With the awareness that I desired to bring my feminine-self into work, I made a few agreements with myself.  To start with, I brought a much more feminine-self to work each day by giving myself permission to dress in flowing skirts and beautiful fabrics that fit me well. Each Monday I would buy a shamelessly oversized bundle of fresh flowers (it is so in my pleasure to have fresh flowers) and arrange the new bouquet in the office kitchen.  These blossoms and the clothes I chose to wear were an outward expression of the femininity that I felt inside.   


While working with this company, I encountered some of my most challenging, professional work but each time an issue arose my fierce showed up. The flowers in my office, the hugs I freely gave to team members and the way I dressed never once interfered with that. I learned an important lesson by facing my faces which is this: fierce resides in knowing what you are here to do and making sure you do it with your most aligned integrity.   


Fierce and Feminine is what our modern world is begging us to bring into our work space. The corporate world does not need another woman showing up playing like a man.  The corporate man isn’t asking us to play like a man either.  These men appreciate women for the unique and beautiful gifts we bring to every space we enter, as long as we bring our Fierce along with our Feminine.   


So Let’s Get Real here . . . I ask you, BEAUTIFUL (Yes, YOU!), if you could be just a little more yourself at work – what would you do differently?  I challenge you to make one step in the direction of showing up even more your fiercely feminine self.  I’m right beside you working on being my own version of feminine and fierce.  Together, we give others permission to show up as well.   


That’s it for today’s #ReLTalk. 

P.S. - what anyone else thinks about you and your behavior is none of their business. What you think of yourself is!  Be gentle with yourself as the web of confusion is lifted and you become even clearer on how to get what you want for your life. It will require you to know and practice the things I teach on this blog but you can do it! You’ve got this and I’ve got you! 



Consider hiring me to create a workshop or custom coaching engagement to help your team, leadership team connect to their unique best self.  The outcome is discovering their confidence, energy, and focus.  After two decades of working in the corporate arena, I still find most of us do not know how to structure a lifestyle that supports our goals and dreams.  To reach those we must learn to be our best.  Bring our best work and attitude.  We have to take personal responsibility for who we are and how we choose to show up in life both business and personal.  Inspiring others to connect to this part of themselves and turn it into action is my magic.  I’d love to discuss how I can support your LEADERS.  Learn more here.


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