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Creating Space

Jul 11, 2020


Have you noticed during this time of confinement brought on by COVID-19 that you are finding emotions surfacing that just aren’t pleasant?  Often when things get uncomfortable or unpleasant, we turn to our favorite numbing habit.  In order to NOT FEEL uncomfortable, we numb out.   

We do this through online shopping, scrolling social media, watching Netflix, eating (too much), drinking (too much), sleeping (too much), talking on the phone, and well, you get the idea.  Everyday things are taken to an unhealthy extreme.  

Confinement has limited our freedom to jump in the car and escape the discomfort. Our dwelling spaces seem smaller than we realized. Without the ability to do what we have always done, we’re forced to face our feelings. Feelings of frustration, anger, sadness, dissatisfaction, boredom, and loneliness seem to take up residence on an hourly basis right now. When this happens, we have two options. We are either guided inward to find new ways of numbing out OR 

We can choose to discover new layers of our unique and complex self by getting curious about those uncomfortable feelings.    

When we have the tools and skills to support us during really difficult times, we can navigate the discomfort with minimal disruption to our daily lives. This doesn’t mean turning off our feelings, they’re part of our superpowers so we never want avoid them. By allowing these uncomfortable emotions to surface, we no longer need to numb out. When we get in the habit of feeling through our emotions, even the negative ones, we begin to realize we have the ability to control them – both the lows and the highs.  

There is no need to numb out when we know that the lows are just feelings.  They are connected to the thoughts we are thinking in that moment.  If we can shift our thoughts, our feelings will change too. 

I know that this pandemic has many of you dealing with these uncomfortable feelings. I also want you to know that there are so many powerful things you can do right now despite all of the restrictions you may feel. One powerful thing you can do right now is utilize this time to CREATE SPACE for yourself by being more aware of your thoughts.   

I think you will be surprised at how capable you are of changing your feelings when you create the space to process them. The confidence you will gain when you create space for yourself may amaze you! You’ll begin to realize the powerful way in which you have control to change the way you feel. Over time, you will discover exactly how to transform negative feelings into powerful ones and that is a beautiful thing. It is freedom! Be kind to yourself during these difficult times and remember the importance of turning inward when dealing with discomfort rather than avoiding your feelings by numbing out.  

That’s it for today’s #ReLTalk. 

P.S. - what anyone else thinks about you and your behavior is none of their business. What you think of yourself is!  Be gentle with yourself as the web of confusion is lifted and you become even clearer on how to get what you want for your life. It will require you to know and practice the things I teach on this blog but you can do it! You’ve got this and I’ve got you! 



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