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As we learn how to live a better life and be our better-self. 

To finally get out of life what we deep down know is possible.

Through learning how to use our most powerful natural assets.  To retrain our brain, increase our energy and maximize our time.  And do this while aligning our outer life to our beautiful inner life. 

Become a part of the RēL revolution.


Are you ready to work with us?

At RēL ACADEMY there are two main ways to work with us, learning self coaching and being coached.   

We recommend you do both.

Learn How to Coach Yourself

If you want to learn how to coach yourself and improve your own life, you will join Compass Self-Coaching Academy, our exclusive coaching program by clicking here. This is our our RēL coaching method where you get masterful coaching training to apply daily to your own life by using the most effective holistic coaching tools available today.

Work with a Coach

If you want to be coached one to one with Marianne, click here and we will set you up with a private coaching engagement. This is our private coaching program where we coordinate the perfect session for you to be coached on any topic. 

* A favorite of entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, sales professionals and executives.  You will grow your business success only as you grow yourself. 

We look forward to working with you.

Do you wish you could learn a new way . . . 

  • of thinking that would really, truly change everything?
  • of being that helped you feel confident to be yourself?
  • of behaving that was more true to how you feel inside?
  • of action that would finally move you toward your real dreams?
  • of relating that allows you to give and receive the love you truly desire.

Where the teacher helped you take the serious parts of life and help you enjoy learning how to change the way you saw yourself and your life?  Bringing a soulful practicality to the art of living our precious life.  Being surrounded by others who are also doing their work to live their best life.  


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